Token Economy


2% Liquidity Pool🧫

The 2% liquidity buy and 1% sell fee are designed and implemented to ensure there is a stable foundation for our ecosystem. Once there is a buy or sell transaction for HETO, a small percentage goes back into the liquidity pool. This makes sure the Liquidity Pool is never empty and allows new investors to always be able to buy HETO!

1% Marketing🎯

In order to keep the project's speed and momentum going forward, we've set up a 1% marketing buy and sell fee. This allows the marketing team to promote Hetonet to the millions of users out there. The total marketing fee you would pay if you bought and sold HETO is 2%.

1% Developer👨‍💻

Our developers play a crucial role in this project. From the website you visit daily to the continuing updates for our payment gateway. We've set up a small 1% developer buy fee in order to maintain these costs and provide the community with regular updates.

1% Burn🔥

To allow infinite room for growth for our project, we've implemented a 1% burn fee. This burn fee slightly stabilizes the price of HETO because 1% of each transaction is sent to a wallet that's not accessible to anyone. The tokens basically get taken out of circulation as if someone was constantly buying HETO and never selling them!

1% Back To Holders👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Because of all the Liquidity, Marketing, Developer, and Burn fees we've implemented in the smart contract of HETO, it would be unfair toward the holders and investors of HETO to pay these fees. As a small gesture, the smart contract has a function where 1% of each transaction is distributed among the holders!

Token distribution


The founder of Hetonet gets 8% of the total supply to reward him for his hard work and dedication to this project. As the founder truly believes in this project, he won't sell his holdings in the first few years of the lifespan of Hetonet. Even if he sold his holdings, this won't have a big impact on the price since 600 million of the tokens are in the liquidity pool.

Rewards & Burn🎁

After the launch of Hetonet, active users on our platform will receive airdrops in Heto tokens and other rewards. To finance this, we have set aside 200 million tokens for Rewards & Burn events. Since the launch of Hetonet will take at least a year, we believe that the value of Heto token will have already increased. Therefore, 200 million tokens will be worth enough to reward users after the launch of Hetonet.

4 years lock🔒

Our team has decided to lock 300 million of the total token supply for a period of four years. We believe that launching all the tokens at once could allow whales to buy most of the supply, which would not benefit our project. By locking a portion of the supply, we can prevent whales from dominating the market after the launch and provide security to investors that their funds won't be pumped or dumped. After four years, the locked 300 million tokens will be unlocked. The impact on the token price will be limited as the Hetonet platform would have already been released, giving our project its rightful value.


At the launch of Hetonet Token, the team will contribute 600 million tokens to a liquidity pool, allowing for the token to be traded on the market. The estimated token price at the launch day is valued at $0.000005 with a total supply of 1.2 billion tokens, which is a very low price, offering early investors the opportunity to buy in at an affordable rate. For our token to reach a price of $1, we would need a market cap of $1.2 billion, placing our token in the #43 spot on CoinMarketCap, which is achievable given current market conditions and the project idea backing Heto Token.

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