What differentiates us from other games?

This is what other projects offer!

This is an example of what WSG their game looks like, and keep in mind their market cap is currently $38Million.

They call it โ€œThe Next Generation Gaming Platform With A Unique And Immersive Way To Earn Rewardsโ€๐Ÿ˜‚

This game is made by Shiba Inu, a $20billion crypto project:

Vs what HetoGames offers!

Not only do we think bigger than 100% of the projects out there, we also have better ideas when it comes to creating fun, realistic and interactive games. The games that we're creating are designed by professional hardcore gamers.

Our games are designed to be fun for any age or gender. Imagine a game like Call of Duty or Fortnite implementing crypto and blockchain technology. That's basically what the end product will look like with HetoGames.

These images are concepts, not real in game footage!

Our games will be in third person and first person. Players can immerse themselves in an open world environment where they can make new friends or enemies. Supporting voice chat and multiplayer makes our game stand out from other crypto projects. Our games will be playable on both Desktop and Next gen consoles.

  • Next gen & Desktop

What are the benefits of our game?

Players can scavenge around our open world environment, they can find collectables or steal them from other players. After safely extracting the collectables into the player stash. They are able to mint their loot into NFT or crypto tokens, depending on what they looted or mined in game.

After minting the loot, the player will receive them in their wallet, allowing them to trade, sell or use their loot in game.

  • Turn in game loot into real world Crypto and NFT's that can be sold, traded or used.

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