Phase 1️⃣

In this phase, we will enhance our project to maximize its potential, aiming to elevate its perceived value. This involves upgrading the website, implementing strategic marketing for our project, and more. Our primary objective in each phase is to expand our community of holders!

  • Website upgrade

  • Marketing campaign

  • 50 Holders

  • Token burn event

  • 5+ coin tracker listings

Phase 2️⃣

Our main goal for phase two is community expansion. We will achieve this by hosting events and giveaways. The events will be hosted on Discord, and we will conduct various token giveaways. Additionally, we will also list HETO on more coin tracker websites to increase our popularity.

  • 100 Holders

  • More coin tracker listings

  • Discord event

  • HETO giveaway

  • 150 Holders

Phase 3️⃣

We have improved our project and grown our community! Now its time to add more value to our project by adding utility to our project! We will olso do a bigger listings like CEX, Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. A donation to charity will olso be achieved by now!

  • 250 Holders

  • Staking dapp

  • Small CEX listing

  • Coingecko listing

  • Charity donation

  • Coinmarketcap listing

Phase 4️⃣

We want to conclude this last and final phase of 2024 with a big bang! To achieve this, we will release our plans for 2025 and announce a potential release date for our payment gateway. Additionally, we will host smaller events, such as monthly burn events, where a set amount of HETO tokens will be burned each month.

  • 500 Holders

  • Monthly burns

  • Community AMA

  • 2025 strategy reveal

  • Payment gateway launch reveal

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