High product cost


Phones these days have an average price tag of $1000. They lack security, durability and are used to milk the users from their money. They may look nice on the outside, but the inside is far from it. These phones are almost always made in China for an extremely low price, and are then sold for over 50x the price that there were made for.

Global impact

1400000000āˆ—1000=1.4e+121400000000*1000=1.4e+12 In total sales! This is a huge number, and it has made a lot of CEO's filthy rich. Add in the fact that they make addition revenue from the apps they sell you, and your data they sell to third parties.


Introducing HetoPhone, a decentralized OS with the phone secured by the blockchain and only able to be recovered with the user their secret phrase. Not only more secure, it's also more durable, and cheaper. Our phones are mad by recycled materials. Making our phone, cheap, and environment friendly. Global impact

With revenue made from the phone, we reinvest it into our ecosystem and donate it to charity.

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