The lack of speed, critical thinking capacity, awareness, data efficiency and more, makes human jobs way too expensive to operate compared to Ai. You can see the lack of capabilities reflect on the work space. Jobs being underpaid, businesses filing for bankruptcy because they can't find employees, and the list goes on for a while.

Global impact

If you are a business owner, would you rather pay $2000 a month for one employee, or pay $5000 to set up an Ai in your work space that can perform a better job than humans for an infinite amount of time?

2000āˆ—10=200002000*10 = 20000 Per month on employees 20000āˆ—12=24000020000*12=240000 Per year on employees With Ai, you can save up to 70%


Introducing HetoAi, the future of artificial working stations, designed to perform under immense pressure and stress. Ranging from chatbots for customer support to physical workstation in your business or any other location worldwide.

Global impact

Our Ai is made for everyone, whether you are a big corporation, small business looking to scale up, or a small startup. Hetonet has you covered. Ai will replace human jobs where needed. For example dangerous jobs, long duration jobs, precision jobs, art, writing, coding, and more.


To show you how easy it is, we will give you a simple experiment to try yourself.

Start with installing a popular library called Chatterbot.

pip install chatterbot

Then import some basic functions to later callback in your code.

from chatterbot import ChatBot
from chatterbot.trainers import ChatterBotCorpusTrainer

Now we can start writing some basic functions that will define our bot, for now we'll give it his name and the language it will be speaking is English.

# Create a ChatBot instance
bot = ChatBot('MyBot')

# Create a new trainer for the ChatBot
trainer = ChatterBotCorpusTrainer(bot)

# Train the ChatBot based on the English corpus

# Function to get bot response
def get_response(user_input):
    response = bot.get_response(user_input)
    return str(response)

# Main function to interact with the bot
def main():
    print("Bot: Hi there! How can I help you today?")
    while True:
        user_input = input("You: ")
        if user_input.lower() == 'bye':
            print("Bot: Goodbye!")
            bot_response = get_response(user_input)
            print("Bot:", bot_response)

if __name__ == "__main__":

Congratulations, you now have a chatbot that can have simple conversations. From here, you can make further enhancements to this bot, try giving it your own twist. Make the bot import data trough API's, integrate your bot with other sites and apps, the possibilities are endless.

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