Traditional banking and credit cards aren't sustainable enough for this era. Outside the fact that it's way too expensive, slow and vulnerable, they also contain major sustainability issues. Banks are basically a 24/7 running machine that are constantly outputting problems into our economy.

HighFeesāˆ—DailyCustomers=HigherPricesHighFees * DailyCustomers = HigherPrices HigherPrices=LessSpendingPowerHigherPrices = LessSpendingPower Global impact

Banks are hoarding money that can't be tracked by others other than the bank. This means that over $5B dollars per year could be used for a good cause, instead it's eaten up by the ones that are creating the difficulties in the first place.


Instead of hoarding all the money and creating more issues, HetoPay aims to do the exact opposite. Make payments cheaper and solve difficulties by utilizing blockchain technology.

ProductPriceāˆ’LowFees=MoreProfitProductPrice -LowFees = MoreProfit Global impact With all the money collected by transaction fees, we can shape this planet into a self sustaining spinning ball. Not only does that benefit over 7 Billion people worldwide. It also shows the possibilities of blockchain technology. Thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto

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