Use cases & Benefits

Here is a list of use cases with HetoPay

  • Receive your salary in crypto

  • Pay digital goods with crypto

  • Perform Microtransactions with crypto

  • Pay public transit with crypto

  • Send & Receive invoices via Email, WhatsApp, QR & more

  • Pay subscriptions with crypto

  • Pay friends & family in crypto

HetoPay summarized, you can basically use crypto where ever you want.

Here is a list of benefits that HetoPay has to offer

  • Rewards for users

  • Sustaining environments, economies & more

  • Donates portion of the TF to charity

  • Liquidity for HetoToken gets increased

  • Removes the barrier to entry

  • Removes centralized authorities

  • It gets things done

  • The environment gets 90% more sustainable and cleaner

  • Crypto prices will soar due to mass adoption

  • Stabilizes the crypto market

  • Businesses pay up to $2000 less in fees

  • Customers get to experience cheaper prices for goods & services

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