Types of gaming genres that HetoGames will produce! (More will be added later)

The images on this page are concepts, not real in game footage.

Open world๐ŸŒŽ

In game features
  • Crypto mining

  • Play 2 earn

  • Pay 2 learn

  • PVP & PVE

  • Building

  • Loot collectables

  • Trade collectables

  • Extract collectables

  • Mint collectables into NFT's

  • Tournaments

  • A season pass type ecosystem

  • Multiplayer



An open world environment, where there is no limit in what's possible. Team up with other players or simply destroy others with ferocious carnage. Build entire cities or live on the outskirts of a destroyed civilization.

Interact with others


You can form clans with friends or other gamers you come across in the open worlds. Become best friends with people you meet online. And enjoy valuable time together.

A list of possible interactions with others
  • Trade goods

  • Create or join other clans

  • Form an alliance with clans

  • Battle with other

  • Steal loot from others



Our upcoming open-world game features a vast landscape for exploration, including diverse environments like deserts, swamps, cities, and islands all within a single large map. Each environment presents varying levels of danger, with extreme weather conditions affecting player stats and performance in deserts, for example. Collectables found in more hazardous areas are more valuable, and can also be used as in-game decorations for characters or traded on our marketplace.

What type of environments can you expect?
  • Deserts

  • Cities

  • Villages

  • Islands

  • Rivers

  • Mountains

  • Cold environments with lots of snow



Players can collect in-game NFTs, tradable on our marketplace, including valuable items like pets, clothing, and weapons. However, these items can also be stolen if the player is killed or robbed. To secure them, players must extract them, storing them in their stash and minting them into NFTs, usable both in-game and for sale on our marketplace.

Types of collectables
  • Weapon skins

  • Clothing items

  • Incubated animal eggs

  • Crypto tokens

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