There currently is a gigantic problem with how things are coordinated, all the money flows through banks and credit cards that are controlled by a group of centralized authorities. The estimated earning of these groups vary between $1B and $10B per year, which are alarming number. Global impact

While we are suffering to keep our heads above the water with inflation going through the roof and prices of good increasing by the day. The filthy rich are having a blast at the top of the chain.


HetoPay is decentralized by itself, the money doesn't get stored on our platform or servers. They get stored on wallets owned by the customer themselves, if something were to happen to our server or data, the funds would be safe. Global impact

We are using blockchain for our crypto payments which mean, every transaction can be traced. This opens up doors for mass regulation, since governments can stop criminals from participating in our society.


This simple but meaningful structure shows the scalability of HetoPay, since all fees go directly back to Hetonet, it allows us to grow, reproduce and share our success with others.

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